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How do we create tables of inclusion? In this Whispercast, Rick Enloe and Dave Hillis explore the dominant Scriptural image of the table and how Jesu...View Details

In this Whispercast, we take a look at one of the ways that Leadership Foundations engage and transform cities. Join Rick Enloe and Dave Hillis as the...View Details

Now a network of 74 cities around the world, Leadership Foundations found its start in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Reid Carpenter. Rick Enloe and Da...View Details

In episode eight, Rick Enloe and Dave Hillis are joined by Wil McCall, President of the Dallas Leadership Foundation, for a deeper dive into the theol...View Details

In this Whispercast, host Rick Enloe and Leadership Foundations’ President Dave Hillis begin to explore the theology of place, a value that drives Lea...View Details

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