The story of West Virginia is one often told only describing its entrenched poverty, widespread opioid use, and coal -dependent economy.   Ruston Seam...View Details

In Fresno, the Center for Community Transformation Leadership Foundation is reimagining the local economy of God's abundance. An economy where the cit...View Details

Homelessness, prostitution, government corruption. Amidst some of these dire circumstances in South Africa, only exacerbated by COVID-19, the Towers o...View Details

Can you imagine our world's cities as places of abundance? Places where God's excessive love for God's children is on full display? Where everyone, in...View Details

Cohost Rick Enloe and Leadership Foundations President Dave Hillis review the territory of this seven episode series on Traditioned Innovation.   How ...View Details

The Nairobi Leadership Foundation is transforming one of the world's largest informal settlements, Kibra, through the power of relationships.  In this...View Details

Is prayer still relevant today, in our post-modern 21st century urban world?  Does our 2,000+ year-old faith tradition have anything to teach us about...View Details

What if instead of seeking safe spaces, we worked to create brave spaces, spaces where we could bring our deepest selves, our deepest vulnerabilities ...View Details

How does reform really happen? We continue our conversation from last episode with Dr. Richard Beck, exploring the prison ministry and reform work of ...View Details

Dr. Richard Beck - Author, blogger, and professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University - joins us to discuss the psychology of why we get so ...View Details

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