Contemplation and Action

In this episode, Dan Cardinali, President/CEO of Independent Sector, joins us to explore how a posture of contemplation and action can meaningfully co...View Details

Cities, by their very nature, point us to the contradictions and paradoxes that are an inseparable aspect of our world. To love cities - as the Leader...View Details

How do we navigate today's urban world - holding the bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other? How do we navigate the tension of contemplation...View Details

G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “The reason we fly from the city is not in reality that it is not poetical; it is that its poetry is too fierce, too fasci...View Details

Can you see a playground amidst the countless smells, sights, and sounds of New York City?  Jeremy Del Rio, Executive Director of Thrive Collective, L...View Details

Can you imagine a city that is just? A city where everyone - regardless of background, birth family, race, or creed - receives what they need to fully...View Details

At the center of transformation in our world's cities is leadership - women and men who deeply love their city and are committed to it becoming more l...View Details

In this year-end series of 2021, we're returning to our roots, letting our imagination guide us as we explore more deeply the animating metaphor of Le...View Details

Can you imagine God's economy of abundance even in places where resources appear so scarce? Can you see it? Join us as we wrap up this City as Playgro...View Details

The story of West Virginia is one often told only describing its entrenched poverty, widespread opioid use, and coal -dependent economy.   Ruston Seam...View Details

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